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Name: Pinky Mitchell
Alias: Myron/Pinkie
Hometown: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Birthplace: Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Died: 1976-03-11 (Age:77)
Height: 180cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Managers: Billy Mitchell (his brother); Mike Collins

Pinky Mitchell was the brother of fellow boxer Richie Mitchell and boxing promoter Billy Mitchell, who also happened to be his manager.

Mike Collins, also Mitchell's manager at some time, was the publisher of a Minneapolis weekly called The Boxing Blade. Collins "offered to conduct a poll among his readers to pick "the best man in the world at 140 pounds," and provided a $2,000 championship belt when the National Boxing Association decided to recognize the newly-created junior welterweight division in 1922. To nobody's surprise, Mitchell topped the voting and was officially proclaimed world champion on 15 November 1922--the first and only time that a world champion had been crowned by a boxing publication with official support." Courtesy of THE A-Z OF WORLD BOXING, by Bert Blewett (1996) at p. 255.

It has been said the NBA finally announced that they recognized Mitchell as champion at their Convention in October 1924; but by the following October they had changed their minds, even stating that they had never recognized that weight class.

Preceded by:
Inaugural Champion
World Junior Welterweight Champion
15 Nov 1922–27 Mar 1925
15 Nov 1922–21 Sept 1926
Succeeded by:
James (Red) Herring*
Mushy Callahan

  • * Recognition has always been of debate in this era in this division depending on the basis of recognition. Herring's claim was supported by some of the public and some of the press.