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Name: Ragon Kinney
Hometown: El Paso, Texas, USA
Birthplace: Hartman, Arkansas, USA
Died: 1998-03-22 (Age:79)
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

  • 1939 won an Intercity Golden Gloves' title at light heavyweight vs. Jim Boyle.
  • 1941 National AAU Heavyweight Champion
  • 1944 awarded the Joe Louis Trophy.
  • 1944 made the final of the Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions, the decision was awarded to Orland Ott.
  • 1944 won the Intercity Golden Gloves' championship at heavyweight vs. Jerry Jackson.
  • Served in the US Army.

Preceded by:
Willie Muldune
Intercity Golden Gloves
Light Heavyweight Title

Succeeded by:
Shelton Bell
Preceded by:
Wallace Cross
National AAU Heavyweight Champion
Succeeded by:
Buddy Komar
Preceded by:
Walter Moore
Intercity Golden Gloves
Heavyweight Champion

Succeeded by:
Luke Baylark