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Name: Robert Hines
Alias: Bam Bam
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Birthplace: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 180cm
Reach: 187cm
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record

Trainer: Al Fennell (1981-1990)
Manager: Sam Ingerman (1981-1990)


  • He was 8 when he started boxing.
  • He had fought 1972 and 1976 Olympian Davey Lee Armstrong three times losing all three in close fights.
  • His next door neighbor was Bernard Hopkins whom he beat in a 1977 amateur bout. He would later spar with Hopkins as a pro.
  • He also fought former WBA junior welterweight champion Johnny Bumphus in the amateurs.
  • His amateur record was 178-11.
  • Bernard Hopkins remarked on HBO prior to the Antonio Tarver fight "the two toughest southpaw’s I ever fought were #2 John David Jackson (WBO light middleweight and WBA middleweight champion), and #1 Rob ‘Bam Bam’ Hines".
  • He retired at the age of 29.
  • "Al Fennell was always my trainer from the time I started. Sam Ingerman was my only manager. He also had Charles Singleton and Roger Stafford," Robert Hines said.


Preceded by:
Matthew Hilton
IBF Light Middleweight Champion
1988 Nov 4 – 1989 Feb 5
Succeeded by:
Darrin Van Horn