Santiago Zorrilla

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Name: Santiago Zorrilla
Alias: Kid Zorrilla
Hometown: Culver City, California, USA
Birthplace: San Blas, Panama
Height: 156cm
Reach: 166cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Manager: Wirt Ross, George Parnassus, Cecil McCalla
Photo #2, Photo with Wirt Ross

Santiago Zorrilla (sometimes spelled as "Zorilla") reportedly was an Indigenous boxer from San Blas, Panama. Contemporary newspaper articles often referred to him as the "San Blas Indian." His birthdate is also given as Feb. 22, 1907.

Future manager Wirt Ross of Kentucky discovered him in the Canal Zone, where McCalla was his first manager. Zorrilla slipped into the United States circa 1925 as a steerage passenger aboard ship, and started his professional career in 1925, some papers reported.

Per the Dec. 6, 1932 Daily News Searchlight newspaper of Bremerton, WA, USA: "He is jovial, pleasant, injects lots of humor into his training and has hundreds of friends who wish him well." His record is reported to be 139 total bouts at this time (52 KOs). This paper reports his height as 5 feet, 4 inches.