George Parnassus

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Ceferino Garcia & George Parnassus
Class of 1991
Non-Participant Category
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Name: George Parnassus
Hometown: California, USA
Birthplace: Methoni, Greece
Died: 1975-02-25 (Age:78)
Matchmaker: Record
Promoter: Record

George Parnassus who emigrated to the USA in 1915 was a boxing manager and promoter based out of Los Angeles, California. His stable of fighters included, among others: Kid Anahuac (in United States), Swede Berglund, Raul (Raton) Macias, Enrique Bolanos, Speedy Cabanella, Benny (Kid) Carter, Fabela Chavez, Henry Davis, Chuey Figueroa, Kid Filipino, Ceferino Garcia, Johnny Hanschen, Donnie Maes, Emilio Magana, Ricardo (Pajarito) Moreno, Pedro Ortega, Joe Peregrina, Nick Peters, Rodolfo Ramirez, Charley Salas (as of 1952), David Velasco, Tappy Walsh, and Santiago Zorrilla.

Parnassus is said to have bankrolled the creation of the World Boxing Council in 1963.