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Name: Vic Foley
Birth Name: Victor James Foley
Hometown: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Birthplace: Slocan, British Columbia, Canada
Died: 1986-05-13 (Age:83)
Stance: Orthodox
Height: 161cm
Pro Boxer: Record

Division: Bantamweight
Managers: Jack Allen, Spider Roach

Vic Foley was of Irish-Canadian heritage. He learned to box from his father, John, who ran a gym in Vancouver. Foley started his professional career on March 17, 1922 (St. Patrick's Day). He won the Canadian Bantamweight Title December 8, 1924, when he defeated Champion Howard Mayberry in his 54th bout. (Source: February 2, 1925 Toronto Daily Star.)

Per the Bellingham American newspaper (Bellingham, WA, USA) of March 7, 1923, Foley was a professional painter by trade.

Foley was a ranked bantamweight contender in The Ring magazine's Annual Ratings during the mid-1920s: 7th in 1924 and 9th in 1927.

After retiring from boxing, Foley spent over 30 years in the Yukon working as a mining camp cook and bartender. He died May 13, 1986 in New Westminster, B.C.

A death certificate in digital form of one Victor James Foley can be found in the British Columbia Death Registrations, 1872-1986; 1992-1993 database on the FamilySearch website. According to the certificate, Foley was born on November 2, 1902 in Slocum City, British Columbia, Canada and died in the Royal Columbian Hospital in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada. Foley was listed as being a "Boxer" as his occupation.