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Floyd Mayweather Sr.jpg
World Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee

Name: Floyd Mayweather
Birth Name: Floyd Joy Mayweather
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Birthplace: Bronx, New York, USA
Height: 173cm
Pro Boxer: Record
Amateur Boxer: Record


Floyd Mayweather Sr. and Jr.
  • Older brother of two-time world champion Roger Mayweather and super featherweight Jeff Mayweather.
  • Father of Floyd Mayweather Jr., with whom he has had a turbulent relationship. When Floyd Sr. was convicted of drug trafficking in 1993 and sent to prison, Roger Mayweather took over as Floyd Jr.'s trainer. After being released from prison, Floyd Sr. returned as trainer for his son's 14th pro fight, a second-round knockout of Sam Girard in February 1998. Following his decision victory against Gregorio Vargas in March 2000, Floyd Jr. had a falling out with his father and fired him as trainer. He also evicted his father from a home that he owned and repossessed a car he was driving. They reportedly didn’t have a cordial conversation for nearly seven years. In early 2013, they patched things up and Floyd Jr. brought his father back as his trainer.
  • Father of Justin Mayweather Jones. Mayweather learned from DNA in 2007 that he is the father of Jones, who was a promising 19-year-old light middleweight amateur from Mayweather's hometown of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jones turned professional in July 2013.

Boxing Career

Floyd Mayweather vs. Jose Baret in 1983
  • Mayweather was a two-time Michigan Golden Gloves Champion. He won the 139-pound title in 1973 and the 147-pound title in 1974.
  • The Ring Magazine rated Mayweather fifth in the world at welterweight in 1977.
  • Mayweather was knocked down twice and stopped in 10 rounds by Sugar Ray Leonard on September 9, 1978.
  • On January 21, 1979, Mayweather got into an altercation with Tony Sinclair, the brother of Floyd Jr.'s mother, and Sinclair aimed the barrel of a 20-gauge shotgun at Mayweather's face. Mayweather was holding 23-month-old Floyd Jr. at the time. "If you're going to kill me, you're going to kill the baby, too," Mayweather said he told Sinclair. "I wasn't going to put that baby down. I didn't want to die. It wasn't about putting my son in the line of fire. I knew [Sinclair] wouldn't shoot the baby. So he took the gun off my face, lowered it to my leg and bam!" The shotgun blast destroyed most of Mayweather's left calf and pretty much ended his career as a welterweight contender.
  • Mayweather lost to future WBA and WBC welterweight champion Marlon Starling by a 10-round unanimous decision on March 9, 1981. He fought Starling again for the USBA welterweight title on April 26, 1985, and lost by a 12-round unanimous decision.
  • Floyd Jr. once said his father "lost to one legend, Sugar Ray Leonard, but his other losses were to journeymen and cab drivers."

Training Career


  • "(Arturo) Gatti should be in the Hall of Fame for getting his ass tore up."
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