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Name: Jack Tillman
Hometown: Mobile, Alabama, USA
Pro Boxer: Record

Jack Tillman is the brother of Joe Tillman and Jerry Tillman, and the son of Gene Tillman. Jack was an accomplished baseball player in high school and was given a scholarship to the University of South Alabama. Tillman lost his amateur status, however, after taking a professional boxing match in Florida and was forced to give up baseball.

"My brother Joe was fighting pro, and I was training with him," Tillman said. "Well, I ended up just pure accidentally took a fight in Pensacola, Florida, because they couldn't find no welterweight and beat a boy that had 20 pro fights... back then if you turned pro in another sport you couldn't go back. I didn't realize it until after I had that pro fight. I came back and my two brothers put a fight on here (Mobile, AL) and I won that. I went on to New Orleans and fought for Mike Cusimano, who later on was my manager, and won that. Before I knew it, I had already won 20 straight fights, overnight just like that."

On February 13, 1973, Jack defeated former-world champion Billy Backus to claim the WBA North American Welterweight Title.

After retiring from the ring, Tillman served as the sheriff in Mobile County, Alabama, from 1994-2006. [1]