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First Champion
1840 First Boxer Nat Langham
1867 American Tom Chandler
1880 English George Fulljames
1884 World Nonpareil Jack Dempsey
1890 British Charles Wall
1922 Commonwealth
(British Empire)
Ted Lewis
1922 NYSAC Dave Rosenberg
1932 NBA Gorilla Jones
1962 WBA Dick Tiger
1963 WBC Dick Tiger
1983 IBF Marvin Hagler
1989 WBO Doug DeWitt
  • The maximum weight for this division is 160 pounds (72.6 kg or 11 stone 6 lbs).
  • One of the traditional eight divisions.

The middleweight division can be traced back to at least 1853, and by 1873 it probably covered all weights between 140 and 166 pounds. The weight limit was first established by the Amateur Boxing Association of England Ltd (ABA) in 1889 as 11 stone 4 pounds and modified by London's National Sporting Club (NSC) as 11 stone 6 pounds or 160 pounds in 1909.

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