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1. Is the bout between Humberto Soto and Francisco Lorenzo held on June 28, 2008 recognized as a championship fight with the vacant WBC super featherweight interim world title at stake even if the WBC chose not to award Lorenzo, the winner of the fight according to the Nevada Athletic Commission, the title, ruling the fight a No Contest?

2. According to the WBC ratings, Jorge Linares won the WBC featherweight world title on July 21, 2007, the day of his fight with Oscar Larios, which was originally meant to be an eliminator. On July 31, 2007, Linares's predecessor as WBC featherweight world champion, In-Jin Chi, vacated his title. Does that mean that Linares's eliminator fight with Larios has retroactively been upgraded to a fight for the vacant WBC featherweight world title and that Chi's reign is considered to have ended on July 21, 2007 although he announced to vacate his title only on July 31, 2007? Or does Linares's fight with Larios remain an eliminator and Linares was appointed champion without having to win a title fight (as had been the case with Ken Norton, Lennox Lewis and Oscar De La Hoya before)? On which date did Chi's reign end? And on which date did Linares's reign begin? Answer: Linares won the Interim title, then was upgraded to full champion 10 days later.

3. According to HBO's biography on Marco Antonio Barrera, he refused to accept the WBC featherweight title after taking it from Erik Morales on June 22, 2002: "Despite winning the WBC featherweight crown from Morales, Barrera refused the belt, choosing to set an example for other world-class fighters who don't need a sanctioning body to declare them as champion."

Does that mean that Barrera abandoned the title immediately after winning it? If so, on which date did he vacate his title? Or was he technically stripped of it? Or has Barrera even never held the title with the fight retroactively being declared a non-title affair and Morales being stripped of the title for losing the fight?

The title may have been on the line for Morales only as has been suggested [1]. This wiki fight page says, "With the loss, Morales' WBC featherweight title becomes vacant. (Barrera didn't accept the WBC title)" Answer: Morales lost it against - but not to - Barrera, so it became vacant. Had Morales won it would have counted as a successful title defence.

4. What is the final ruling on Graciano Rocchigiani and Roy Jones Jr.'s world championship statuses during the time both of them were world champions? Rocchigiani won the vacant world title on March 21, 1998 and has to be considered WBC light heavyweight world champion until April 15, 2000 according to a verdict. Did the judgement also affect Roy Jones's world championship status during that period of time? And what was Jones's status before the beginning of his shared reign? He had announced he would vacate his WBC light heavyweight world title.

Has there been an interim reign or a reign as champion in recess by either boxer as has been suggested [2]: "The WBC, which at one point had stripped Jones, has instead labeled him a "champion in recess", thus making Rocchigiani the "interim champion." If that is correct, on which dates did these reigns begin and end?

5. According to the WBC Championship Fights Statistic which was once presented on the official WBC site, there were sixteen fights with the WBC heavyweight world title at stake between 1963 and 1969. Were those fights the following ones?

Sonny Liston vs. Floyd Patterson on July 22, 1963

Sonny Liston vs. Muhammad Ali on February 25, 1964

Muhammad Ali vs. Sonny Liston on May 25, 1965

Muhammad Ali vs. Floyd Patterson on November 22, 1965

Muhammad Ali vs. George Chuvalo on March 29, 1966

Muhammad Ali vs. Henry Cooper on May 21, 1966

Muhammad Ali vs. Brian London on August 6, 1966

Muhammad Ali vs. Karl Mildenberger on September 10, 1966

Muhammad Ali vs. Cleveland Williams on November 14, 1966

Muhammad Ali vs. Ernie Terrell on February 6, 1967

Muhammad Ali vs. Zora Folley on March 22, 1967

Joe Frazier vs. Buster Mathis on March 4, 1968

Joe Frazier vs. Manuel Ramos on June 24, 1968

Joe Frazier vs. Oscar Natalio Bonavena on December 10, 1968

Joe Frazier vs. Dave Zyglewicz on April 22, 1969

Joe Frazier vs. Jerry Quarry on June 23, 1969

6. Universally recognized or WBA world champions participated in the inaugural fights for WBC world titles. Had those world champions been named WBC world champions before the inaugural WBC title fights took place? If so, on which date(s)? Or did they compete for vacant titles? Here is a list of the inaugural world title fights:

Sonny Liston and Floyd Patterson competed for the vacant (?) WBC heavyweight world title on July 22, 1963 assuming it was the inaugural bout for this title.

Harold Johnson and Willie Pastrano competed for the vacant (?) WBC light heavyweight world title on June 1, 1963.

Dick Tiger and Gene Fullmer competed for the vacant (?) WBC middleweight world title on August 10, 1963.

Denny Moyer and Stan Harrington competed for the vacant (?) WBC super welterweight world title on February 19, 1963.

Emile Griffith and Jorge Jose Fernandez competed for the vacant (?) WBC welterweight world title on December 8, 1962.

Roberto Cruz and Eddie Perkins competed for the vacant (?) WBC super lightweight world title on June 15, 1963.

Carlos Ortiz and Douglas Vaillant competed for the vacant (?) WBC lightweight world title on April 7, 1963.

Flash Elorde and Johnny Bizzarro competed for the vacant (?) WBC super featherweight world title on February 16, 1963.

Davey Moore and Sugar Ramos competed for the vacant (?) WBC featherweight world title on March 21, 1963.

Eder Jofre and Katsutoshi Aoki competed for the vacant (?) WBC bantamweight world title on April 4, 1963.

Pone Kingpetch and Hiroyuki Ebihara competed for the vacant (?) WBC flyweight world title on September 18, 1963.

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