Koki Kameda

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Koki Kameda

Name: Koki Kameda
Birth Name: 亀田興毅
Hometown: Osaka, Osaka, Japan
Birthplace: Osaka, Osaka, Japan
Stance: Southpaw
Height: 165cm
Reach: 168cm
Promoter: Record
Pro Boxer: Record

Career Factoids

Regional & Minor Titles

  • WBA Inter-Continental Flyweight Title (August 2008)
  • OPBF Flyweight Title (August 2005 - 2005)

World Titles

  • WBA World Bantamweight Title
  • WBC Flyweight Title
  • WBA World Light Flyweight Title

Preceded by:
Roberto Vasquez
WBA Light Flyweight Champion
2006 Aug 2 – 2007 Jan 18
Succeeded by:
Juan Carlos Reveco
Preceded by:
Daisuke Naito
WBC Flyweight Champion
2009 Nov 29 – 2010 Mar 27
Succeeded by:
Pongsaklek Wonjongkam
Preceded by:
Anselmo Moreno
Upgraded to Super Champion
WBA Bantamweight Champion
2010 Dec 26 – 2013 Dec
Regular Champion
Succeeded by:
Jamie McDonnell
Regular Champion