Miguel Diaz

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World Boxing Hall of Fame Inductee

Miguel Diaz is an Argentinian trainer and cutman. Born on February 21, 1938, Miguel's dad, Miguel Diaz Sr. was the South American lightweight (135 lbs.) champion in the 1920s. Miguel started boxing at the age of eight and had 27 amateur fights, but never turned pro. Diaz began his career as a trainer and a cut man in 1974 working in the gym of the late Johnny Tocco. His first fighter was Jesus Chuy Meza. In 1999, he was named "Trainer of the Year" by the Boxing Writers Association of America. He was inducted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame on November 15, 2008 and, alongside his training career, is largely considered one of the best cut men in the world.

Trained or Served as Cut Man