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Raoul Godbout (1894 - December 23, 1975) was a prominent manager and promoter based in Montreal, QC, Canada from the 1920s thru at least 1956. (He temporarily got out of the boxing game when his wife died, according to the August 29, 1944 Montreal Daily Herald.)

Some of his more well-known clients included Leo (Kid) Roy, Pete Sanstol, Dave Castilloux, Harry Hurst, Maxie Berger, Laurent Dauthuille, Yvon Durelle, and Johnny Greco, among others.

He owned and operated the Exchange Stadium boxing venue.

Godbout was also involved in the operation of a stable of horses under the EPR stable, in partnership with his brothers Edmond and Philip.

Godbout was of French Canadian heritage.

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  • One source of the above data includes: "Ring golden era promoter Raoul Godbout dies at 81", Montreal Gazette, December 24, 1975 [1]
  • Brief film of Godbout in Oslo (1935): [2]