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The Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) boxing tournament was one of three major amateur boxing tournaments in Chicago during the 1970's, 80's along with the Chicago Park District (CPD) and Golden Gloves. The city finals for the CYO championships were usually held at the Northwest Armory on Chicago's North side for all weight classes in the Novice and Open divisions.

By 1985 the tournament became a one evening event with championship bouts in several weight divisions. Eventually the archdiocese was forced to drop the program, most likely due to budget cuts.

All the boxers listed below were sectional CYO Champions, but are not listed on the page for sectional champions as it is understood that a sectional title must be won to compete for the city title.
Boxers that are listed on both pages, indicates that they were in the finals different years, separate CYO tournaments.
Boxers listed won either a Novice or Open title. Some may have won both titles, in different years. A few boxers listed may have won Junior division CYO titles in the late 1980's or after when the tournament was near it's end and became a one day event.

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