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First Champion
1888 English Paddy Duffy
1888 American Paddy Duffy
1892 World Mysterious Billy Smith
1903 British Pat O'Keefe
1913 Commonwealth
(British Empire)
Johnny Summers
1923 NBA Mickey Walker
1923 NYSAC Jimmy Jones
1962 WBA Emile Griffith
1962 WBC Emile Griffith
1984 IBF Donald Curry
1989 WBO Genaro Leon
  • The maximum weight for this division is 147 pounds (66.7 kg or 10½ stone).
  • One of the traditional eight divisions.

The welterweight division came into being in the early 1880s, possibly covering weights 141-147 pounds (64.1–66.7 kg or 10 stone 1 lb – 10½ stone). It has been said it was first recognized in England as 142-145 pounds (in 1889, then 1892). In 1909 it was established by London's National Sporting Club (NSC) as 147 pounds (66.7 kg or 10½ stone), and made uniform as 147 pounds by the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) and National Boxing Association (NBA) in 1920.

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